Pain Management

Why should you accept these limitations as part of your daily struggle with chronic pain? With custom pharmacy compounding, you may not have to. We offer customized options for your pain medication.

With a healthcare provider’s prescription, we may be able to provide alternate ways to deliver your pain medication, including:

·      Topical gels, creams, foams, or sprays which may be applied to the site of the pain

·      Custom-flavored lozenges which dissolve in your mouth

·      Nasal sprays

·      Suppositories

You may be taking a variety of medications to address your pain issues. Often, we can compound your various medications into a single capsule or topical preparation for your convenience.

Makers of mass-produced pain relievers often formulate their products based on an “average patient” with average body weight, average pain tolerances, etc.  Our pharmacy sees you as an individual, and is equipped to take your individual needs into consideration when formulating your medication. We use your symptoms, your body weight, and your pain tolerance, to formulate specific compounds to meet your specific requirements.