Frequently Asked Questions

What is compounding?

  • In the history of the profession of pharmacy, pharmacists would compound medications per a doctor’s order – we’re here to keep this tradition and standard of care alive
  • We work with prescribers to creatively solve challenging medical problems with specialized drug products
  • Every patient is unique – Customized dosage, dosage form, ingredients, and dosage schedule to each patient
  • Some patients have extensive allergies to ingredients used in mass manufacturing practices
  • Dye-free, filler-free options
  • Unique pharmacy service – our pharmacists specialize in formulating medicine
  • Medications that are not manufactured
  • Chemicals and equipment that are not available in most pharmacies

Do I need a prescription?

  • Yes, all compounded medications we make in our lab require a prescription from a doctor’s office

Will my insurance cover it?

  • Some insurance policies do cover compounding prescriptions. Please check with your provider.

Is it safe?

  • Highly-trained professional staff 
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Quality and safety testing
  • High-quality ingredients for the best efficacy
  • We follow the strictest guidelines for purity and safety